Running monthly and endorsed by some of the world’s leading fertility experts the Fertility Lifestyle Program addresses all the lifestyle factors that have been shown through much research to affect our fertility. Diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise, relaxation and complimentary medicine all influence the chances of pregnancy for both men and women.

Developed by Dr Julie Vecera, this program also features Q&A interviews by leading fertility specialists including doctors, surgeons, embryologists, naturopaths, fitness experts and more. Everyday we are asked ‘What should I eat?’, ‘How much exercise should I do?’, ‘Which supplements should I take?’, ‘How can I relax?’, etc.

This program answers all of these questions and provides you with all the help you need to make your body baby-ready. We have access to practitioners and their expertise to facilitate physical, emotional and nutritional health. This program answers all your questions and makes your body baby ready!

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I have known and worked with Julie Vecera from The Fertility Pod - Acupuncture & Nutrition for the last 8 years. The Fertility Lifestyle Program plays a vital role in preparing patients for their infertility journey. The Fertility Pod is a leader in this area and provides information for couples, not only on their website, but with online video interviews with leading infertility specialists. The Fertility Pod provides a great service and Julie is an inspiration for all those couples desperate to have a baby.
Dr-Nick-Lolatgis-smDr Nick Lolatgis, Monash IVF
Thank you for organising a much needed online program for patients struggling to have a baby. Great work!
Assoc-Prof-Luk-Rombauts-smAssoc Prof Luk Rombauts, Monash IVF
Healthy eggs and sperm make healthy babies. It's important to prepare yourself for pregnancy. The Fertility Lifestyle Program is an excellent program to improve quality of eggs and sperm and maximize your chance to conceive.
Dr-Lynn-Burmeister-smlDr Lynn Burmeister, Monash IVF
Good health, nutrition and a healthy weight are vital before attempting pregnancy and especially in the setting of fertility treatment. The Fertility Lifestyle Program provides anyone in this situation with valuable advice and knowledge prior to pregnancy and in the process of IVF treatment. In conjunction with your treating clinician this is a formidable team to take you forward.
Assoc-Prof-Beverley-Vollenhoven-smAssoc Prof Beverley Vollenhoven, Monash IVF
I am very inspired by the Fertility Lifestyle Program. I am extremely passionate about women's health and support from healthy resources like this program.
Rainbeau-Mars-smRainbeau Mars, Health and Wellness expert


About the creator
  • 28 day food plan and weekly shopping list based on fertility research
  • recipe e-book (over 90 recipes)
  • specialists answer all your questions about fertility and IVF through daily videos
  • weekly exercise videos (designed especially for fertility) including personal training, pilates and yoga
  • twice weekly motivational videos
  • lifestyle and supplement advice
  • weekly emails to check in
  • natural therapies (advice and referrals)
  • relaxation audios
  • dozens of articles and research studies

make your body BABY-READY



The meals have been put together to support both partners’ nutritional needs and physical fitness.
If you’re doing the program alone then simply halve the recipes. Each week’s menus and exercise video’s are released on a Monday. Options are given for vegetarians and those who are lactose intolerant. Throughout the program you will be given supplement advice and the latest information on complimentary therapies shown to support fertility health. Both high and low BMI have shown to have a direct effect on fertility health. This program is designed to balance your weight through nutrition, portion size and a daily exercise routine.


We have put together exercise plans especially tailored for pre-conception.
Each day you will receive your recipes, exercises, articles and interviews. Our PT, Yoga and Pilates instructors are extremely experienced in both pre conception and pregnancy exercise. You will learn which types of exercise and how much are recommended when trying to become pregnant. They will teach you via video in the comfort of your own home.


Egg and sperm are very sensitive to environmental changes and prior to conception their DNA can undergo changes within their structure which can alter the way genes turn on and off.
The ongoing health of your child and even your grandchildren is defined by the health of the parents at the time of conception. Being both over and underweight can make it difficult to conceive and also affect the long-term health of your child. These factors can also create hormonal imbalances which can affect ovulation. For both men and women being overweight has shown to increase the risk of congenital and growth abnormalities within the embryo. A woman’s diet before becoming pregnant can alter the expression of the baby’s genes.
You will learn
  • what foods have been shown to lower inflammation and improve egg/sperm quality
  • how much exercise will bring down cortisol levels and balance hormones
  • new IVF/fertility treatments
  • how to conceive naturally by trying different modalities, supplements and herbs
  • learn new recipes and healthy ideas
  • balanced hormones
  • achieve healthy weight goals
  • improved energy
  • balanced blood sugar levels and cholesterol
  • better sleep
  • feel more relaxed

we’re here to help YOU


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Hi Julie and the FLP team, I have enjoyed this program thoroughly and wanted to thank you for the great resource you have created with this online program.  The food was really delicious and tasty and the recipes were very easy to prepare.  It’s always a gamble on what the food will be like and I was pleasantly surprised and delighted – it’s my kind of food!! I loved doing all the PT, yoga...
My husband and I thought that we had a healthy lifestyle before but after doing the program, we feel so much better for the experience. We have been exposed to new ways of cooking and preparing food, we have been introduced to new ingredients and we have a much better appreciation for the nutritional value of different foods. Not only have the meals been healthy but also extremely tasty and easy to prepare. In addition, having access to the other material such as the daily exercise suggestions, relaxation audio, ongoing videos from Julie about the program and other fertility related material has been icing on the cake.
- CG & AG
A huge thank you to Julie and all at the Fertility Lifestyle Program for conducting a truly wonderful experience. It has been a pleasure to participate in all aspects of the program, and learn sooooo much along the way. I feel healthy, optimistic and happy! Forever grateful xx
- Marissa
Being diabetic and wanting to do everything possible, before my 6th Cycle in 2015 I joined the Fertility Lifestyle Program in April, where not only did I lose a few kilos, my sugar levels also improved dramatically by eating better foods and my partner also lost weight and enjoyed the program and cooking meals together each day. The meals are easy to prepare, very tasty and the advice and questions you receive along the way are valuable...after ending up with OHSS in my 6th cycle and cancelling transfer, I joined the September program with more great meals before commencing #7 and for me what I call Lucky 7, we are super excited to be expecting our first little miracle in August 2016.
- Kylie
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The Experts


Dr Julie Vecera
Chinese Medicine & Nutritionist / Carlton Wellness Centre / The Fertility Pod

Emma Honey
PT Trainer

Dr Lynn Burmeister
IVF/Fertility Specialist - Monash IVF

Alisha Mladenov
Pilates Instructor

Assoc Prof Beverley Vollenhoven
IVF/Fertility Specialist - Monash IVF

Deepa Eboli
Yoga Instructor

Assoc Prof Luk Rombauts
IVF Fertility Specialist

Dr Manuela Toledo
Fertility/IVF Specialist - Melbourne IVF

Dr Nick Lolatgis
IVF Fertility Specialist - Monash IVF

Leah Hechtman

Dr Alex Polyakov
Gynaecologist / Fertility Specialist / Obstetrician / Melbourne IVF

Dr Kenneth Leong
Specialist - Monash IVF

Dr Michael Ben-Meir
Director of
Emergency Dept
Cabrini Hospital -

Sharmaine Nicholson
Acupuncturist - The Fertility Pod


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