Post Holiday Recovery Tips

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Post holiday recovery tips…Suffering from the post holiday lulls? Pants too tight? It’s not always easy to break habits such as overeating and binge drinking. Planning is the key….

Set an initial goal of 1 week. Most people find the thought of eliminating sugar and alcohol for any length of time to be overwhelming. This only sets you up for failure. Generally, a week a of healthy habits leads to a more ongoing routine. Set aside a week to reset by replacing alcohol and soft drinks with heaps of water and herbal teas. Include loads of veggies and fruit (berries are best)…sugar cravings will dissipate. Go easy on carbohydrates, especially at breakfast, and start to burn off that excess glycogen (excess glycogen leads to excess calories).

Many people do well doing a morning fast a couple days/week. During the night the body goes through the elimination process and fasting for a few hours after waking can assist the body in cleansing even further. (Intermittent fasting does not slow down your metabolism, but actually causes the body to tap into fat stores!)

Here are some tips on cleaning up for the new year:

– Go sugar and alcohol free for one week (continuing for even longer is better) – Eat lightly for one week
– Start the day with hot water and lemon juice (kick starts liver function)
– Get moving and stretch (twisting releases toxins)
– Get plenty of sleep by going to bed early
– Eat healthy whole-grains and lots of veggies to move toxins through the body
– Protein at every meal can regulate blood sugar levels giving you more energy and     reducing cravings
– Fill up on antioxidants such as fresh vegetable juice (minimal fruit juice)
– Eat foods to support healthy gut, such as, fermented vegetables, kefir, bone broth, kombucha and apple cider vinegar
– Include a good probiotic
– Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine
– Relax and have some quiet nights in to get ready for the new year

Note to self – if you cave in at any point, don’t punish yourself by continuing to binge. Wake up to a new day and reset!

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