Rebuild mitochondria to improve egg quality

It’s biology time!!

Mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of your cells.  They are needed to generate energy for the cells or they can’t do their work.  These cells are all throughout our body, including within our eggs.  As we age the mitochondria distribution within our eggs is not as good.  This can also be seen with obese women as well, where the mitochondria activity becomes poor within an egg.

It’s important to understand because the good news is we can actually do something to build the mitochondria up again to produce better quality eggs.

Oxidative stress and obesity can be reduced to improve the mitochondria function within the egg.  So weight loss and stress reduction are the key.

6 tips to improve mitochondria:

  • mild exercise
  • meditation
  • keep a healthy weight
  • take resveratrol, Vit E, selenium or antioxidant, fish oil and CoQ10
  • high energy foods (vegetables)
  • alkaline foods (greens)


  • toxins
  • stress
  • processed foods

When the function of the mitochondria is improved we feel more energetic and it slows the ageing process.  Well worth the effort!

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