The effects of estrogen dominance on your fertility

How lucky we are to live in this modern world with access to almost anything we want and whenever we want it, right?

Unfortunately, we’re being over-exposed to endocrine disruptions in our advanced and heavy consuming industrialized world. Endocrine disruptions such as xenoestrogens can be found in our everyday life in things such as, shampoo, water, foods and even the air we breath. These xenoestrogens can lead to estrogen dominance because they mimic the functions of our natural estrogens and attach themselves to our cell’s receptors then taking over the natural estrogens abilities. This then causes estrogen dominance which can cause menstrual issues, fibroids, cysts, weight gain, tumors, thyroid issues, PMS and even breast cancer.

Xenoestrogens can be found in :

  • foods that have been exposed to pesticides and insecticides
  • many shampoos, soaps, cosmetics and lotions
  • soft plastics
  • animal products which have been fed growth hormones
  • tap water
  • non-organic soy products
  • some menstrual products which contain chlorine
  • dryer sheets
  • artificial sweeteners

So what can we do to help rid the body of this excess estrogen? Well, start looking after your liver! The liver is the one that decides if estrogen is going to stay in its healthy form or be converted into cancer-causing estrogens. Eat plenty of green vegetables, good quality proteins, filtered water and plenty of sleep. The liver, thyroid and adrenal glands all work together to keep our hormones in balance so live a balanced healthy life to support their functions and eat plenty of anti-inflammatory foods.

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