Dr Julie Vecera

Dr Julie Vecera is one of Australia’s leading practitioners in women’s health and fertility and has presented widely on the topic of fertility through webinars and seminars over the past decade.  Julie is a Dr of Chinese Medicine, incorporates Functional Medicine and is a certified Nutritionist practicing out of her own The Fertility Pod Acupuncture and Nutrition clinics located around Melbourne and Sydney. She also founded the Fertility Lifestyle Program which is a result of years helping couples across the world with infertility issues.

Through her close affiliation with Monash IVF Julie has been able to collaborate with some of Australia’s leading fertility specialists. Her collaborative approach to treatment has been embraced by many world renowned specialists and she has become a leader in bringing the notion of collaborative, conventional and complementary fertility treatment to the fore for practitioners and patients alike.

Passionate about educating couples, Julie has done much research on both the affects of food and lifestyle to boost fertility and the hormonal and autoimmune issues affecting women’s fertility health. Now one of Australia’s most in-demand practitioners for women’s health issues, Julie generously offers an enormous amount of time supporting couples through the stress of infertility with the successful Fertility Lifestyle Program which has grown internationally with support from worldwide renowned fertility specialists.

Her story


Julie grew up in a holistic family with a huge emphasis on nutrition, yoga and meditation. She has lived between Australia, India and the United States where she settled in New York City for 14 years studying yoga and photography. In 2002, she returned to Australia to complete a double degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Science with a post-graduate degree in Nutrition.

Having tried to conceive naturally for many years herself, she embarked on the path of complimentary medicine. However, after years of taking herbs and supplements and being told by a naturopath that ‘all would be fine…avoid western intervention’, she moved across to western medicine where, through proper diagnosis, was informed she had hydrosalpinx (fluid in the fallopian tubes). This gave her no other option but to go to IVF. Sadly, by this time age caught up with her and was unable to have children of her own.

This gave Julie an enormous amount of drive to make sure this didn’t happen to other women. So, through partnerships with high profile professionals she has become a focussed advocate for the complimentary medicine sector and has a passion for doing all that she can to assist those dealing with fertility issues.

Her knowledge and compassion is immediately recognisable upon consultation, and her willingness to share has brought her much respect from both medical worlds. When not consulting or working on the Fertility Lifestyle Program, she can be found putting together deliciously nutritious meals to add to her online blogs.

Dr Julie Vecera is a member of ACMA, AHPRA, ASRM and ESHRE.