How does the Fertility Lifestyle Program work?

The program runs for 28 days entirely online. It includes recipes for all meals including vegetarian options, which are put together with couples’ fertility needs in mind. Every Friday the shopping list is emailed out so meals can prepared in advance if desired. Each week consists of daily PT training, pilates and yoga videos conducted by highly qualified teachers. Members have the opportunity to ask fertility specialists, in both western and complimentary medicine, daily questions, which are answered through regular video interviews. Up to date research on both natural fertility and IVF are included within the program.


How often does the program run?

A new program begins every month and some members choose to continue on to the next one.


Can I join the program from anywhere in the world?

Of course. It’s designed to be accessible from anywhere. We’ve had members from many different countries registered to the program. In fact, the program is about to be available in Portuguese and Spanish!


How much support will I receive from practitioners while on the program?

You have the opportunity at anytime to ask questions directly to either fertility specialists, IVF doctors, complimentary medicine practitioners, PT trainers, counsellors and IVF nurses. Your questions are responded to as promptly as possible. We’re there to support you through your fertility journey and make ourselves available to give you as much up to date information as we can.


Can I start the program at any time while trying to conceive naturally, doing IVF or even pregnant?

Yes you can start the program at any time. The foods and exercise are structured to accommodate all members. Please let us now if you are pregnant or become pregnant, and we can support any changes that may need to be made during this time. It’s always important to consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program during pregnancy.


Are the meals low-carb?

Yes they are. The food is put together according to studies which show that low carbohydrate, low sugar and dairy are healthiest while trying to conceive. The program is designed to be anti-inflammatory so lots of alkaline foods are included in the recipes.


Will I receive a copy of the recipes at the end of the program?

Yes. All members are sent an online recipe book at the conclusion of each program which includes the recipes and photographs from that round of the program.


How much will the weekly food bill be?

The initial shopping list includes many extra products that are likely to be already in your pantry, such as, oil, spices, sauces, etc. Therefore, we ask members to carefully check their fridge and cupboards before doing the first shop. After the initial shop the expense of ingredients is much lower as it includes mostly vegetables and a few meats.


Are there alternative recipes to cater for vegetarians or food intolerances?

Yes. Vegetarian options are given along with the regular menu. If you have food intolerances please let us know. Gluten free alternatives can be used for dishes such as pasta or pizza. Very little dairy is included in the program.


Will I lose weight on the program?

The meals on the 28 Day Fertility Lifestyle Program are made with clean and healthy ingredients and minimal carbohydrates and sugars. This means that if you are carrying any extra weight and you stick to the meal plan you will lose weight. The average weight loss is 4-7 kgs (10-17 lbs) over the 28 days. Being as it’s not specifically a weight loss program results will vary.


Can I customize the meal plan?

We do recommend that you stay with the meal plans as much as you can. However, it is certainly okay to swap some meals around for your convenience.


Can both partners participate in the program for the price of a single registration?

Yes you can.


I already have an exercise regime I’m currently undertaking. Should I still follow the recommended exercise on the program?

The program is designed to prepare you for pregnancy, therefore, keeping balance and not doing anything in extremes is important for hormone regulation. Along with the exercise videos it is recommended you do plenty of walking or swimming. If you are attached to your current physical activity you can certainly stick with them but we recommend moderation as to not raise cortisol levels.


Will I have access to other members on the program?

Yes you are welcome to join the ‘closed’ Fertility Lifestyle Program on Facebook where you can interact together or ask practitioners questions.