Hi Julie and the FLP team,

I have enjoyed this program thoroughly and wanted to thank you for the great resource you have created with this online program. The food was really delicious and tasty and the recipes were very easy to prepare. It’s always a gamble on what the food will be like and I was pleasantly surprised and delighted – it’s my kind of food!!

I loved doing all the PT, yoga, audio and Pilates sessions – I am glad they were not really long sessions, they were a good duration and achievable to be done each time. I found all the interviews with the different specialists to be valuable even though some of the content was not relevant to me – I actually learned just how complex fertility and IVF is and some challenges that other people face in trying to conceive. The blogs were great too! When I signed up I didn’t realise just how much content there was in the program. In fact the whole program was fantastic and I would highly recommend this to others. I really believe that there needs to be a holistic approach to fertility issues and I hope that you can get this in front of as many people as possible on their journey.

Here’s hoping this eating plan will assist me in succeeding with a pregnancy in the near future. Would love a little brother or sister for our 2.5 yo daughter from our first stim cycle and first embryo back in 2013. Am awaiting my body to readjust from the stim cycle I just completed (my third one). We have 1 x day 5 embryo and 2 x day 3 embryos left to use then that’s it for me….I’ll have reached the age cut-off!

Thank you again for a brilliant program.


My husband and I thought that we had a healthy lifestyle before but after doing the program, we feel so much better for the experience. We have been exposed to new ways of cooking and preparing food, we have been introduced to new ingredients and we have a much better appreciation for the nutritional value of different foods. Not only have the meals been healthy but also extremely tasty and easy to prepare. In addition, having access to the other material such as the daily exercise suggestions, relaxation audio, ongoing videos from Julie about the program and other fertility related material has been icing on the cake.

– CG & AG

A huge thank you to Julie and all at the Fertility Lifestyle Program for conducting a truly wonderful experience. It has been a pleasure to participate in all aspects of the program, and learn sooooo much along the way. I feel healthy, optimistic and happy! Forever grateful xx

– Marissa

Being diabetic and wanting to do everything possible, before my 6th Cycle in 2015 I joined the Fertility Lifestyle Program in April, where not only did I lose a few kilos, my sugar levels also improved dramatically by eating better foods and my partner also lost weight and enjoyed the program and cooking meals together each day. The meals are easy to prepare, very tasty and the advice and questions you receive along the way are valuable…after ending up with OHSS in my 6th cycle and cancelling transfer, I joined the September program with more great meals before commencing #7 and for me what I call Lucky 7, we are super excited to be expecting our first little miracle in August 2016.

– Kylie